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TeamEMstudios is a photography and cinematography firm established in 2017. We are passionate and a consistent team of photographers with experience, creativity and innovation. At TeamEMstudios, our ultimate goal is to create long-lasting memories that will be worth your time and money. As experts, we work with several businesses, government officials, religious organizations, celebrities, families and individuals. Connect with us today and we will not hesitate to travel to wherever you are to give you a great and lasting experience.

Lead Photographer

Mawuli Akakpo

There are several “photographers” on social media, most people with DSLR and just a little understanding of how the camera works—and these people can mess your important events such as weddings with their horrible amateur photos.

I mean it’s easy to find a photographer in Ghana because almost every unemployed young man with a camera claims to understand the art but finding a photographer extraordinaire with a great sense of professionalism and true understanding of photography can be difficult.

My recent 3-day marathon wedding in Ghana to my gorgeous wife Elsie Anthony-Williams was captured by over 7 professional photographers and Efo Mawuli Akakpo was not just one of them but one of the best among the exceptionally talented great photographers who captured the beauty and joy of the days.

Efo Mawuli, a graduate of Central University started working as a professional photographer in 2015—after developing and building his interest in photography for many years, with the help of Kwasi Asante Agyapong of King Kwaku Ananse Photography.

Source:— ghanacelebrities.com